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From Beit-Elmaa Refugee Camp to Brazil

The West Bank has been utterly calm and no attacks have been launched against Israeli targets all through the recent months. The only actions which were never put to an end are the Israeli attacks against Palestinian individuals and targets all over the West Bank with the Israeli forces resorting to acts of killing, detaining militants, demolishing houses, or all these practices combined. The pretext has been ready all the time- namely security and alleging that those targeted were planning for such and such suicidal operations.
The latest of these unjustified Israeli practices was directed at Beit –Elmaa refugee camp west of Nablus, when the Israeli military machine spread havoc, killing and destroying without restriction all over the camp for three days. After their withdrawal, the scenes were tragic and disastrous with destruction everywhere, a vengeful reaction after an Israeli soldier was killed during the first day of the operation.
Consequently, many families were turned once again into refugees in their homeland without any shelter. The world kept its silence as if nothing has happened, or as if what the Israeli forces have done was a routine practice that does not merit even a single condemnation from any Arab or international official.
At the same time a group of our Palestinian refugees arrived in the Brazilian city Sao Paulo after being evacuated from Iraq, displaced in its desert by racist antagonists –the Arab world as spacious as it is could not absorb their few numbers. This group, however, might be luckier than others still stranded near the Iraqi-Syrian border under harsh and inhuman conditions, without any outside rescue or help except for some assistance, supplied by UNRWA, which does not satisfy their basic needs.
Meanwhile, the Israeli foreign minister surprises us with a statement rejecting the return of even a single Palestinian refugee under any potential peace agreement.
Thus, the disastrous circle closes on the Palestinian refugees and they have to pay the price every day. They are forced to lead a miserable life without any solution or escape from their suffering. A recent example was the refugees of Nahr Al-Barid camp who were displaced outside their community as a result of Fatah Al-Islam ‘s war against the Lebanese army, a war that resulted in the destruction of the refugees’ houses while they were displaced and forsaken by the entire world. The international community shifted its focus of attention toward Darfur, and yet they still have the guts to speak about extremism and the best tactics to deal with the extremists.
That being said, we should express our gratitude to Brazil, which granted some of our refugees the right to reside there, and appreciate this position which many parties have failed to take.
Ibrahim Deibes is a veteran Palestinian journalist. This editorial first appeared in Al-Quds.