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Hollywood Stars Shine on Middle East

A number of Hollywood’s top celebrities are expected to arrive in the Middle East by the end of 2003, on what they are calling a “private peace mission.” Their aim is to promote peace and bring the Arab-Israeli conflict to an end.

The expected visitors include heartthrob Brad Pitt, Friends star Jennifer Aniston and Danny DeVito. The stars said they wished to appeal to “ordinary folk” to appease the sides.

Pitt and Aniston were quoted on the Arabic news portal Al-Bawaba saying, “the past few years of conflict mean that yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians will grow up in hatred…we cannot allow that to happen.”

A recent peace initiative called One Voice, launched by an American Jewish businessman, has drawn several people from the film industry to try to put a stop to the violence in the region.

Other Hollywood celebrities supporting the project include Edward Norton and Jason Alexander, better known for his part as George in Seinfeld.

The actors will be appealing to the general population to voice their views on issues pertinent to the conflict, such as the refugee problem, Jerusalem, the disputed borders and access to water supplies.