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Iranian crash report comes out Tuesday

The report on the crash of a C130 aircraft on December 6, 2005 will be publicized at a press conference on Tuesday, reports the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

The small Falcon jet came down near Oroumieh, 900 km (560 miles) north-west of the Iranian capital, Tehran. The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ ground forces and at least 10 other officials died in the crash.

Head of the Majlis [Iran’s parliament] Defense Commission, Reza Talaienik, told reporters that besides the general report, more details about the incident will be revealed in a closed-door session of the Majlis.

After the crash, Iranian officials blamed bad weather and engine failure for the accident.

One month earlier, a military transport plane crashed in Tehran, killing 128 people. It came down in a residential district, hitting a 10-storey apartment building.