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Iraq: Arab states must oppose U.S. plan for Jerusalem

The Iraqi National Council called on members of the fighting Arab nation, to oppose with all its might American-Zionist attempts to plot against the (Arab) nation, according to a report in the Iraqi daily, A-Thawra.

The latest such attempt was America’s decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity.

The National Council claims that the US Congress’ decision regarding Jerusalem underlines America’s absolute bias in favor of Israel (which it calls the “Zionist entity”, to indicate that it doesn’t recognize Israel) and her unstinting support of the “killer and terror gangs, headed by Sharon the criminal…which uses American weapons”.

The declaration also calls, out of a historical and religious obligation, for revenge by serious means, so as to cut all contacts with the US and the Zionist entity. This must come in addition to the annulment of all political agreements, by opposition to the American-Zionist decision (regarding Jerusalem), and by a proclamation to the entire world that whoever will act in accordance with this decision will be boycotted totally by the Arab world.

The declaration points out that such a step proved successful in 1980, when Saudi Arabia and Iraq threatened to boycott any country which would transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. This threat defeated the plans of the Americans and the Zionists, the item added.