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Israel Closes Temple Mount

Israeli authorities are barring worshippers from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Monday, after receiving information of pre-election provocations on the mount, aimed at disrupting the elections.

Police forces have received alerts that both right-wing Jews and Palestinians plan to cause provocations on the Temple Mount ahead of the elections, according to news reports.

Meanwhile, police officers say they have more than 70 alerts of terror attacks planned to coincide with Israel’s elections on Tuesday, Israel Radio reported. Security forces are on heightened alert and are increasing their presence in Jerusalem, especially around the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount, called by Muslims Al-Haram A-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary), is under Israeli sovereignty. It carries great religious importance for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The mount is the former dwelling of two Jewish temples and currently accommodates several mosques and holy Muslim shrines. The area is one of the most contentious and sensitive issues in the Israeli-Arab conflict.