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Israel Shaken by Industrial Spy Case

Israel has been shaken by an industrial espionage case that has already resulted in the arrests of senior officials of some of the nation’s most prestigious companies and the private investigators working on their behalf.

The case revolves around the use of a computer virus called “The Trojan Horse” to obtain secret information of the suspects’ competitors. Eighteen people in Israel have already been taken into custody and in England, police are holding an Israeli believed to be the programmer who created the virus.

According to police, the ‘Trojan horse’ provided the private investigators total Internet access to the computers of their target companies.

Senior executives of two telephone companies, Pelephone and Cellcom, are in custody, along with executives from a Volvo importer, the nation’s leading cable television network and a major bottled water company. Officials say damages, which are still being determined, extend beyond Israel in their scope.