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Israelis in post-1967 territories offered land deal

The leaders of the Israeli communities in post-1967 territories say they have been offered a land deal by the outgoing director-general of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office Avigdor Yitzhaki.

The group says Yitzhaki told them Israel would remove seven communities from the West Bank and Gaza at this stage and would then pass a law guaranteeing there would be no more evacuations until any final-status agreement with the Palestinians.

In return, they say, Yitzhaki was demanding they ensure people living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza remain quiet.

The country’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon denied the claim on Tuesday. He says there is no such deal and no law will be passed on the matter.

Israeli political analysts say the story may have been leaked by Yitzhaki because he is disappointed by his lack of responsibility in Sharon’s office and his consequent resignation.