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Lebanon: We Confiscated “Important” Weapons from Hizbullah

The Lebanese army has recently confiscated “important” weapons from Hizbullah, the country’s Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said on Tuesday.
“The government has decided to conduct a tight surveillance along the border with Syria and to prevent the entry of any merchandise or people with no permit. There have been confiscations; I do not want to go in to details, but these were important weapons,” Siniora told reporters of La Monde and El-Pais.
According to Siniora, the army will have access to all parts of Lebanon, and will confiscate any weapon it finds.
On the other hand, Justice Minister Charles Rizk told reporters it is “impossible” to disarm Hizbullah by force. “We have to address the reasons which necessitated the remaining of these weapons, and by this I refer to the rest of the occupied lands [Shib’a Farms].”
Siniora asserted that while “we are not enemies of Hizbullah…no armed group will have a military base, nor will it be allowed to carry weapons or wear military uniforms.”