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Municipal Elections in Jordan; Islamists Cry Foul

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) – the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s political party – is claiming that "election crimes" have already been committed in several municipalities ahead of Tuesday’s local elections, and called on the government to resign.
Two million voters are today electing their representatives to the local municipalities. The Jordanian government promised an "honest and transparent" election process, but the Islamic party on Monday produced documents that it said proved the occurrence of an "election massacre."
IAF General-Secretary Zaki Bani Arshid on Monday presented documents, which he said proved that many forgeries were committed during the voter registration process.
Among them were the registration of people in more than one district within the same municipality, and the registration of people in more than one municipality. Arshid also revealed that people under 18 – which is the voting age according to the recently amended election law – also registered to vote.
"Where are the honesty and transparency those in charge of the election process are talking about? What is this ‘democratic festivity’ they speak of? What is [the nature of] the political reform and popular participation they announced? Did the government know about these violations?" Arshid asked during a press conference, according to the IAF website.
If the government had knowledge about the violations, it should be taken to account for it and resign, said Arshid. But even if the government had no knowledge, it should resign, because it was its duty to execute a just election process, he added. 
The IAF boycotted the 2003 municipal elections, but participated in the parliamentary elections that took place the same year. They then won 17 out of 110 seats (15.5 percent) and are now hoping to increase their power in parliament in next November’s parliamentary elections.