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Muslim FMs convene in Yemen

Foreign ministers from 35 Muslim countries, and representatives of 21 other Muslim countries, are convening on Tuesday in ‘Sana, Yemen, to discuss two major issues: an attempt to attain representation in the U.N. Security Council for the Organization of the Islamic Conference; and ways to increase economic cooperation between Muslim countries.

The conference, as reported by the Yemeni daily A-Thawra will be chaired by President of Yemen ‘Ali ‘Abdallah ‘Salih, who will open the first session with a speech concerning ways to reform the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

“The winds of change in the Muslim region, and the convening of this conference, come coincidently with the wish for reform in the Muslim world,” said Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Professor Akmal A-Din Ihsanoglu. He added that there is also a great Islamic and international concern regarding the reformation of the Security Council. “There must be a seat in the Security Council, which represents one fifth of the world’s population – the Muslims,” said Ihsanoglu.

“The foreign ministers will discuss the challenges facing the Muslims in the 21st century,” said Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Al-Qurbi. He expressed hopes that the next conference scheduled for the end of this year in Saudi Arabia, will work to implement the goals of the current conference.