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New IDF Chief: No Revolutions, No Reforms

The new Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Lieut.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi on Wednesday made his first presentation to the parliament’s Foreign and Security Affairs Committee (FSAC), where he stated that he did not plan any reforms, only "hard work."
Shortly after the FSAC meeting, Member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament) Efi Eitam told The Media Line he was impressed with Ashkenazi’s working plan.
According to Eitam, Ashkenazi offered "no reforms, no revolutions, only hard work in the field, a lot of exercises, and a very high demand of performance from the commanders, especially the senior command."
Eitam added that according to Ashkenazi, the IDF would put much emphasis on training both the tactical levels and the senior commanders. Ashkenazi explained the army was about to engage in "a long process and hard work. There would be no miracles," Eitam said.
The new chief of staff said the IDF was preparing for a scenario in which it would have to deal with the growing power of Hamas.
With regard to Syria, Ashkenazi explained the army was undergoing a process of improving its preparedness.
"We reinforced our forces in the Golan [on the Syrian border] and will further reinforce them if necessary," he said.
Ashkenazi described the Iranian nuclear development plan as an existential threat to Israel and stressed that "as an army we have to be prepared also in the face of the Iranian threat."