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No End to U.S.-Israel Feud

American and Israeli negotiators were unable to arrive at agreement on new guidelines for the sale of Israeli military goods to third parties after two days of talks in Washington.

Although both sides attempted to put a positive spin on what was an attempt to end one of the most bitter disputes between the U.S. and Israel in recent history, the conflict remains.

The negotiations had intended to create a formal pact that would prevent future disputes and reportedly give the United States virtual veto power over deals it deems to run contrary to its policy.

Last week Israel announced that it was capitulating to American demands and for the second time in five years reneging on a signed contract with China, agreeing to confiscate Israeli-made Harpy unmanned drones belonging to China that are presently in Israel for upgrading.

Five years ago, Israel breached a contract to provide Phalcon early warning systems to China and was forced to pay restitution and damages estimated at $1 billion.

While Israel contends its sales to China include no American technology and therefore do not require approval from Washington, the administration’s position is that good allies look beyond the letter of the law and take policy into consideration.