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Norwegian Company Boycotts Muslims

While devout Muslims worldwide call for a boycott of Western products so as not to support “American and Zionist aggression,” a company in Norway has launched a small-scale boycott of its own.

The owners of a Norwegian building product company have announced their refusal to comply with requests of any Muslim clients. This is in protest at the recent threats of Ayman A-Zawahiri, leader of Islamic Jihad and Al-Qa’ida’s number two, to strike Norwegian, British, American and Australian embassies and trade interests. This was reported in the London based A-Sharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday.

The owner sent a notice to his Muslim clients who requested to purchase his building products saying that “after numerous discussions at work, and following Muslim threats on Norway, and since you are a Muslim, the workers at the company have decided not to sell to Muslim clients… it does not matter if you were born and brought up in Norway.”

A 27-year-old Norwegian client of Pakistani origin told the press he was shocked and upset by the incident. “I find it hard to justify this…I’m Norwegian like anyone else. My skin may be dark and I am a Muslim but we shouldn’t be paying for other people’s crimes.” He added he intends to take the owner of the company to court for discrimination on religious grounds, since the action is prohibited in Norway.

Norwegian lawyer, ‘Abd Al-Haqq Raji said “I have never come across a company refusing to sell products to a person just for his being Muslim… the notice is a violation of the law. The Norwegian penal code doesn’t allow companies to refuse serving someone because of their religious background. Unfortunately there are many other companies who feel the same way as this one, yet they don’t say so openly.”

The President of the [Norwegian] National Industry and Construction Association expressed dismay over the incident, according to A-Sharq. Yet he claimed the company in question cannot have its membership removed because there is no specific legal clause to punish a company for such conduct.