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One Family’s Loss in Gaza

To the Editor:


The fact that a week has gone by since the ceasefire ended hostilities in the Gaza Strip in no way negates the lingering horrors of the vicious attack on our homes and businesses. The assault and isolation of Gaza damps the forehead of humanity, made many times worse by the desertion and silence of the international community.


The occupation of Gaza continues to fester on the chest of Palestine and its children while the halt in fighting deflects the world’s attention from the magnitude of the suffering a week of aerial bombardments inflicted on the civilian population. I personally suffered the loss of Yusra Shawwa, my beautiful young relative who only recently began her college education. What a loss! The pain and bereavement inflicted by her tragic death can never be relieved by the implementation of a ceasefire agreement.


Such losses do not know borders. All violence must end. We call on Palestinian leaders of all factions, the Arab states and international powers to carry out their duties and put an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, aggression against its people and their protection from all forms of violence.


The Shawwa family deplores and condemns the targeting of our home in the Rimal neighborhood, which was reduced to rubble last week. And we deplore the killing of innocent civilians by the occupation forces and its attempts to destroy our beautiful Gaza.


Azzam Shawwa

Ramallah and Gaza City