Exposing the Visceral Lies of Jew-Haters
Israeli medics and volunteers are shown on Aug. 9, 2001, treating the wounded at Jerusalem’s Sbarro restaurant, site of a Palestinian suicide bombing. (Getty Images)

Exposing the Visceral Lies of Jew-Haters

BBC’s extreme makeover of mass murderer of Jews mocks memory of innocents and harms peacemakers’ efforts in 2021

At the onset of a New Year, especially the year after the COVID disaster that was 2020, who doesn’t want to focus on the positive, on the potential for good, on a future filled with real hope?

And who could blame us for breaking out in song at the site of taboo-busting images of nightly Hanukkah celebrations adorning the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa; of a joyous Hasidic wedding and a glowing Havdalah service beamed via social media from Dubai, United Arab Emirates!

Finally, a warm, tangible peace between Abraham’s children is breaking out – from Bahrain to Sudan to Morocco, with rumors reaching as far as the world’s most populous nation, Indonesia!

As someone who has been blessed to be involved in the building blocks of peace between Jews and Arabs for more than a decade, I too want to see this scenario spread across the globe and return to the Holy Land and “inoculate” the Palestinians with vitamin WP (warm peace).

But like every worthy goal in life, there are many obstacles to be overcome.

I will focus only on one inconvenient truth, a horrific factoid: More 150 million Europeans believe that Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to Jews.

The drumbeat of the demonization of Israel as the latter Nazi and/or apartheid state was memorialized in 2001 at the infamous United Nations Conference Against Racism where the scarlet letter was daubed on the Jewish state by 3,900 so-called human rights and civil society NGOs. It was a blow that provided every anti-Semite, every anti-Zionist, every Jew-hater a blank check to demonize, delegitimize and apply a deadly double standard against the Jewish people, our faith, our values, our destiny.

It can also help explain why the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2020 Top 10 Worst Global Anti-Semitic Incidents showed that the peace reached between Jews and Arabs means zero to serial haters of the lone democratic Jewish state – from leading US universities to Germany’s cultural elite. Their current cover is standing for freedom of speech to push for boycotts of, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel, a lurid and ludicrous campaign that doesn’t even pretend to help Palestinians; its sole purpose is to seek the demise of Israel.

That so many Europeans and tens of millions more in the Arab and Muslim world maintain visceral hate for the Jewish state and its people was on its most brutal display recently by the BBC.

The Torah’s Book of Exodus tells us that a child’s life – and links to the land of Israel – will be lengthened by the child honoring his or her parents.

The US seeks the extradition from Jordan of Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi, who appears on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Most Wanted Terrrorists” list. (FBI)

In August 2001, at the popular Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, a Palestinian suicide bomber maimed 130 people and murdered 16 people and an unborn baby whose mother grew up in our community in Los Angeles. Those children’s opportunity to earn the biblical blessings was forever severed.

Among the child martyrs was Malki Roth, whose father ever since has honored the memory of his daughter through words and deeds including the founding of the Malki Foundation.

Who was responsible for this unspeakable massacre? The terrorist ringleader, Ahlam Tamimi, who specifically picked the Sbarro pizzeria in the heart of downtown Jerusalem because it was frequented by religious Jews – especially children and young mothers.

In 2003, Tamimi was jailed for 16 life terms by judges who recommended that she never be released (the death penalty was not an option). In 2011, the Israeli government released her to Jordan as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. Ever since, she has been enjoying celebrity status as a television personality living free in Jordan beyond the reach of US law (Malki was a dual Israeli-US citizen). The US State Department is offering $5 million to bring Tamimi to justice, but she is not hiding – she lives openly in Jordan. Efforts to force her extradition to the US for trial continue.

Now comes the latest outrage that Tamimi and her enablers and apologists have inflicted on her victims and the Jewish people. This time courtesy of the BBC.

This past October, the BBC’s Arabic Service did what it could to heal Tamimi’s rotten heart and speed her dream for a terrorist “family reunification.” It seems her husband was deported to Qatar from Jordan for his unrelated terror activity.  An episode of the BBC Arabic Trending program gave Tamimi its global microphone to lie about her guilty plea for masterminding the Sbarro pizzeria mass murder and cry out about how much she misses the warmth and companionship of her terrorist husband.

Last month, Arnold Roth met with executives from BBC World Service and BBC Arabic to criticize their apology issued in late October as “empty, cruel and pointless.” That broadcast gave Tamimi best wishes to fulfill her dream of “terrorist reunification.”

The upshot is that now the BBC World Service – running interference for its Mideast mouthpiece – has stonewalled Mr. Roth when he begged for the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the BBC Arabic presenters responsible for making themselves and the BBC instruments of Tamimi’s unrepentant and self-serving propaganda. This series of decisions by the BBC proves the dictum of our Jewish Sages: “Whoever is merciful to the cruel, in the end is cruel to the merciful.”

More recently, the BBC indulged its notorious penchant for falsifying Jewish history when its radio program Heart and Soul aired an episode titled “Black Jesus,” in which British academic theologian Robert Beckford claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian. No mention from Beckford of Jesus’ Jewish parentage. Nor of the fact that it was not until 100 years after Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans that they renamed Judea Palestina, a Latin name bestowed by an ancient enemy of the Jews – as a way of eradicating the memory of the Jewish homeland for rebelling against Rome.

No use challenging the BBC with facts when it comes to Jews from the Holy Land, not even if his name is Jesus of Nazareth. 2021 is not a time to debate anti-Semites from BBC or social media, but to expose their visceral lies, the emotive conspiracies meant to poison our neighbors and millions of people who will never meet a Jew but who are bombarded with tropes meant to instill fear and hate of the lying, thieving and murderous Jews.

2021 is a time of real hope for peace. But the Jewish people and all freedom-loving people will only reach that (still) far-off mountain if we have the courage and stamina to rebuke powerful politicians and media enablers of terrorists who stand in our way. We must hold dear the memory of Malki Roth and all the Malki Roths – share their faces, their stories, their tragedies with hundreds of millions of Europeans and others who have been taught that it’s the Jewish people who stand between the world and true peace.

BBC wants you to forget Malki. Her father can’t. We never will.

Dr. Harold Brackman contributed to this essay.





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