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Pakistan Kills Dozens in Purported Al-Qa’ida Base

Pakistani soldiers backed by helicopters on Monday morning attacked a purported Al-Qa’ida-linked training facility near the border with Afghanistan, the AP news agency reports.

The facility targeted was a religious school (madrasa), which held 70-80 Al-Qa’ida operatives, army spokesman Maj.-Gen. Shawkat Sultan told reporters. At least 20 tribesmen were killed during the attack.

The mountainous region on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is hospitable for many Al-Qa’ida and Taliban rebels, who infiltrate the border to fight the NATO and Afghan forces.

Bajur province, where the attack took place, is believed to be a major hub for smuggling weapons, fighters and supplies to the Afghani rebels.

Siraj Al-Haqq, a cabinet minister from the North West Frontier Province, condemned the attack and threatened to resign.

"They were innocent people," Siraj Al-Haqq told reporters.