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Protesters in Yemen Storm Egyptian Consulate

Demonstrators against the Egyptian stand on Gaza turned violent as protesters in Yemen’s second largest city ‘Aden on Tuesday managed to storm the consulate, Zawya news agency reported.

Other news agencies reported that hundreds of protesters, mainly students from the University of ‘Aden, stormed the main gate of the building and climbed on the roof, setting the Egyptian flag on fire and replacing it with a Palestinian flag.

There are no reports of casualties among the staff of the consulate.

The incident was over in 15 minutes and afterwards the building was surrounded by Yemeni security forces. Among the people arrested were locals, as well as Iraqis, Sudanese, Palestinians and Egyptians.

Egypt, which is the only Arab county that borders Gaza, has been fiercely criticized by both public figures such as Hizbullah leader Hasan Na’srallah and the “man on the street” for what they perceive as Egypt’s green light for Israel’s current military operations in Gaza.