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Rebel’s Deputy Killed by Yemenite Forces

Following clashes between Yemen’s security forces and a Shi’ite rebel group called The Believing Youth, the group’s second-in-command has been killed, according to news reports.

Zeid Bin ‘Ali Al-Houthi was killed on Tuesday after close to two weeks of violent conflict, in which Hussein Badr A-Din Al-Houthi, the deputy’s brother and the movement’s leader, has refused to surrender to Yemenite authorities. The clashes have claimed up to 70 casualties and dozens of arrests, according to news sources.

The Believing Youth is reportedly known for regular sermons severely criticizing the U.S. and Israel as well as staging violent protests.

Yemen reportedly considers The Believing Youth a terror organization.

Al-Houthi and several hundred of his followers have been staked out in a rural area near the town ‘S’ada in the country’s northeast since mid-June.