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Religious Jews to Protest at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade

Religious Jews plan a mass protest against the Gay Pride Parade scheduled for November 10 in Jerusalem, the Israeli news portal Ynet reports.
A few religious groups have already announced they will participate in the protest. The largest demonstration is being arranged by the ultra-Orthodox parties of Agudat Yisraeland Yahadut Ha-Tora. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to converge on Jerusalem to disrupt the parade activities.
After a series of meetings, Israel Police decided to approve the parade, but it still maintains the authority to cancel or postpone it in accordance with security constraints.
The sensitive issue of holding a gay parade in the holy city of Jerusalem brought together top representatives of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in April 2005. At the time Jerusalem was about to host the International Gay Pride Parade, but the combined efforts of the clerics, and the escalating security situation in Israel, brought about the parade’s cancellation.