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Saudi Arabia Continues Cracking Down on Terror

A staggering amount of weapons was revealed in Saudi Arabia last Monday by Saudi security forces.

An official in the Saudi interior ministry said they have thwarted a number of terror attacks intended to target vital institutions and locations. They uncovered hiding places in underground storage rooms, one of which was full to the brim with 20 tons of chemicals for manufacturing explosives. Other hideouts revealed weapons, shells, mortars, 72 kilograms of RDX explosives,
981 meters of explosive fuse, 18 RPGs and other arms. They also found professional warfare equipment such as night-vision binoculars, communication devices, surveillance cameras, bullet-proof vests and navigating devices. The security forces arrested 16 people linked to the cell and are still trying to track down others.

Dr. Yehoshua Teitelbaum from Tel Aviv University told The Media Line that steps taken to crack down on Saudi terror since the May attacks are sincere, and not likely to be a perfunctory act to appease the U.S., since the attacks aim at Saudi interests.

The cell must be financed from a substantial and well-organized source, since findings also revealed fake documents and passports, and vehicles geared for terror attacks. An official from the interior ministry said they are doing all they can to reveal the body backing the cell, whether from Al-Qa’ida, oppositionists or private financers.