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Saudi authorities concerned about fatwa against U.S.

The Palestinian weekly, Al-Manar writes that the Saudi security services are keeping under surveillance temple clergy and preachers, especially in Mecca and Medina, out of fear that they are liable to issue a fatwa, or religious ruling, calling for a religious war, by all means, against the US.

According to the weekly, Arab sources (the weekly does not identify them) indicate that within the Saudi population there is great anger with, and opposition to, American policy, especially since they understand that after the war against Iraq, the US will proceed towards Saudi Arabia, divide it, gain full control over the country’s resources, and will open its gates to the

These same Arab sources have revealed that Saudi is keeping a watchful eye on meetings of imams (temple clergy) and other clerics, whose purpose is to discover US intentions and interests. This is after Saudi clerics have reached mutual agreement that the US declared war against Islam and Muslims, under its cover of a war against terrorism.

After last Friday’s prayers, Saudi clerics issued a declaration condemning American policies which support Israel and its crimes.

The paper states this declaration disturbs the peace of sections of the Saudi regime, some of whom are connected to religious organizations, imams and other clerics. They are afraid of the possibility that during one of the coming prayers the preacher will issue a fatwa against the US.