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Saudis arrest suspected Qa’ida terrorists

Saudi Arabia’s security forces arrested more than forty men in a series of simultaneous operations on Wednesday, all suspected of being members of the Al-Qa’ida terror organization, reports the online Arabic-language news portal Elaph.

Nineteen of those who were arrested are suspected of financially aiding terror attacks, said security sources, who added that the nineteen also used the Internet to disseminate Al-Qa’ida’s ideology. Thirteen were arrested in Al-Buqaiq with weapons and explosives ready to be used, said the sources. The security forces found 99 hand grenades, 18 Kalashnikovs, 62 machine guns, and a large quantity of ammunition in the apartment where they caught the men.

Another eight were arrested in Riyadh and Al-Qa’sim for their direct involvement in last month’s terror attack in Al-Buqaiq, announced the internal affairs ministry spokesman. The eight provided money to the terrorists, distributed propaganda on the Internet, and were found possessing weapons, documents, and computers, said the spokesman.

Saudi Arabia has suffered a number of deadly terror attacks in the past few years, all at the hands of Al-Qa’ida terrorists. Al-Qa’ida targets many Muslim countries which are headed by leaders who do not agree with the organization’s extremist views. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Jordan are only a few examples of such countries, which are targeted also for their cooperation with the United States in its war on global jihad.