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Security Flaws in Major Iranian Websites

An Iranian hacker group has attacked several official government, institutional and religious websites in the country, revealing severe security flaws in their networks.

According to a report in the Siyasat-e Ruz daily, the group, known as Ashyaneh, claims the attack was not intended to sabotage the websites but simply to warn website managers about the security of their web logs.

The report notes that successful attempts to penetrate sensitive websites are “worrying” and highlights the need to reconsider security measures for these sites.

The Ashyaneh group says it has been hacking security networks for several years and alerting managers of Iranian servers of the gaps in their systems, but apparently to no avail. The group laments there are still major security problems in important government, military and political sites, and that officials pay little attention to them.

Ashyaneh prides on being one of the top ten hacker groups in the world.