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Somalia Blames Entire Region for Violence

Prime minister of Somalia’s Interim Government, ‘Ali Muhammad Jeidi, is blaming Egypt, Iran, Libya and Eritrea for "pouring oil on the flames in Somalia," the London-based daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat reports.
Jeidi spoke at a press conference in Baidoa following the burial ceremony of the Constitution and Federal Unity Minister ‘Abdallah Dirou, who was assassinated last Friday.
The investigation into the murder is still ongoing and it is reported that eight suspects have already been detained.
"The assassination is part of the global terrorism," Jeidi told reporters.
This remark comes only few days after Jeidi’s claim that the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) is interconnected with Al-Qa’ida.
According to Jeidi, the aforementioned countries are used as launching grounds for terrorist attacks committed in Somalia. Jeidi specifically blamed Eritrea, saying it had become "a station used to destroy Somalia."
Recent reports indicate [1] that Eritrea began sending weapons to the ICU. Ethiopia on the other hand has sent soldiers into Somalia in an attempt to reinforce the interim government.