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Terror cell arrested, conspired to kill ‘Alawi

One of the Gulf countries recently arrested a terror cell which conspired to assassinate Iraq’s interim Prime Minister Iyad ‘Alawi, reports the Kuwaiti daily Al-Watan.

The cell was comprised of Iraqis, and was considered to be affiliated to Iran. The Al-Jazeera TV network, which broadcast the report on Sunday, did not reveal any information as to the country where the group was arrested, nor did it reveal other information about the group members.

Iyad ‘Alawi recently announced he is joining the race for premier of the new Iraqi government. Leading candidate for Iraq’s premiership, Ibrahim Al-Ja’afri, is being pressured by various political groups to drop out of the race for prime minister. Al-Ja’afri leads the United Iraqi Alliance, which won 48 percent of the votes in January’s parliamentary elections. The Shi’ite alliance also enjoys the support of Iran.