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Turks Less Keen to Join EU

More than a quarter of the Turkish population believes Turkey should not enter the European Union, a recent public opinion poll suggests.
Only about 10 percent of the population felt the same way in a similar poll conducted last year.
The survey was published in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet. It questioned 2,408 people and was carried out in late September.
Anti-EU sentiments have increased since the poll was conducted due to the law passed in the French parliament that outlaws denial of the Turkish genocide against the Armenians in 1915.
Fewer than a third of the respondents thought Turkey must enter the EU, compared to more than two thirds who espoused this opinion in a similar poll conducted in 2004.
The survey also indicated that 78% of Turks had no confidence in the EU.
Turkey began accession talks with the EU a year ago, negotiations that are likely to last at least a decade. Ankara has come under pressure for its sluggishness in incorporating reforms.