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U.N. Condemns Hizbullah

The United Nations Security Council condemned the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbullah for the first time on Wednesday after the group launched an attack on Israel’s northern border on Monday, injuring 11 Israelis.

Four Hizbullah members were killed in the attack.

The Security Council expressed “deep concern” over what it called Hizbullah’s “acts of hatred.” It also called on both sides to respect the Blue Line and prevent an escalation.

Israeli and American officials have accused Syria and Iran of provoking Hizbullah into waging a battle that will destabilize the region.

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Syria and Iran encouraged Hizbullah to agitate on the Israeli-Lebanese border in order to deflect attention from the international pressure on Tehran and Damascus and divert it to Israel.

The unprecedented condemnation followed pressure from Israel and the United States.

Meanwhile, an Israeli civilian paraglider was rescued from Lebanese territory on Wednesday under fire, after the wind blew him into Lebanon.

The glider, 26-year-old Adam Wexler, caused an exchange of fire between the Israeli Army and Hizbullah. He was returned safely to Israel but was immediately arrested for negligence and disregarding security warnings.

According to eyewitnesses, Wexler was less than a minute away from being seized by Hizbullah.