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Video Shops Bombed in Pakistan

An explosive device exploded Tuesday in northern Pakistan, completely destroying three video shops, the Pakistani daily The Nation reported.
The blast took place after a warning from unknown elements was sent to the owner of the shops to close them down or face the consequences.
The Nation revealed that such warnings were also recently sent to girls’ schools, Internet cafes and banks, which were advised to adopt an Islamic way of life.
The bomb was detonated in Tehsil Shab Qadar, a city located at the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), near the Afghani border.
This incident was the latest in a series of similar attacks in the tribal areas adjacent to the Afghani border, where many Taliban and Al-Qa’ida followers have taken refuge since 2001.
One such incident occurred in March 3 in Bajaur District. Two barbershops and a music center were destroyed when a bomb was detonated late at night. Most barbershops in Bajaur have since ceased to shave or trim beards, fearing similar consequences.