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Violence Continues in Pakistan

Terrorism has once again struck in one of the major cities of Pakistan as gunmen dressed as police officers entered the local police training academy located just outside Lahore in eastern Pakistan, and opened fire, killing and wounding several police officers, international news agencies reported.

There are no confirmed reports on casualties, but some reports speak of 11 dead so far. The attack comes just one month after the Sri Lankan national cricket team was attacked in Lahore while on its way to play a test match series against the Pakistani national team.

The Sri Lankan team was participating in the matches as a replacement for India, which withdrew due to security concerns. 

Over the past two years, extremists opposed to the Pakistani government siding with the United States in the “war on terror,” have carried out numerous bombings and other attacks, killing almost 1,700 people.

Most of the attacks have been carried out in the so-called tribal areas along the Pakistani-Afghan border, where the Pakistani army has been fighting against local Taliban elements, and Al-Qa’ida fighters have been crossing the border from safe-havens in Pakistan to carry out attacks in Afghanistan against local and U.S. forces.

Meanwhile, on Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama revealed his plans for the war in Afghanistan, which include a troop surge and plans for speedier training of Afghan soldiers for the country’s army.

During the speech, Obama affirmed that neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan could serve as safe-havens for Al-Qa’ida.