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Yemen Rebellion Heats Up

It is now eight days since Shiite leader Husein Badr A-Din Al-Houthi began his rebellion against the Yemeni authorities [1] and reports indicate he rejected mediation attempts from the local tribe-chieftains and members of parliament.

Al-Houthi recently declared himself ‘Emir of the believers’. He also issued a religious decree saying the legitimate authority must be in the hands of the prophet Muhammad’s descendent. Al-Houthi also made a symbolic gesture, as he removed the Yemeni flag in his compound in Hidan and raised the flag of Hizbullah [Arabic for Party of God].

Al-Houthi heads an organization called ‘The Believing Youth’. The organization is reportedly known for regular sermons severely criticizing the U.S. and Israel as well as staging violent protests.

The security forces arrested six of Al-Houthi’s supporters on June 26, thus reaching a total of 49 people arrested since the beginning of the clashes.

The authorities also cut off the drinking-water supply in Hidan, and tightened their blockade on the region, reports a Yemeni source.