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Yemenite Authorities Threaten Use of Force

Yemen has reportedly announced that talks with rebel Shi’ite leader Hussein Badr A-Din Al-Houthi have failed and that they will use force to arrest him and quell the protests of his followers.

Clashes between Yemenite security forces and Al-Houthi’s followers in the town ‘S’ada in the country’s northeast have been intensifying for over a week, despite a brief lull over the weekend.

Al-Houthi heads an organization called ‘The Believing Youth.’ The organization is reportedly known for regular sermons severely criticizing the U.S. and Israel as well as staging violent protests.

Al-Houthi recently declared himself ‘Emir of the believers’. He also issued a religious decree saying the legitimate authority must be in the hands of the prophet Muhammad’s descendent. Al-Houthi also made a symbolic gesture, as he removed the Yemeni flag in his compound in Hidan and raised the flag of Hizbullah (Arabic for ‘Party of God’).

Reports claim that up to 200 people have been killed in the clashes and dozens have been arrested.