Our Vision

“The Media Line is a precious asset in Mideast journalism. It covers all sides of most
issues, using language that is unemotional and crystal clear. It sets a standard of fair
and objective reporting that all other media outlets in the region ought to emulate. The
Media Line is unafraid, dedicated to truth, persuaded that people deserve the truth —
it’s there to do a complicated job, and it does it very well.”

Marvin Kalb, Harvard professor emeritus, former network diplomatic correspondent and senior adviser to Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The Media Line (TML), established in 2000, is one of the first American non-profit news agencies created to address the need for complete, contextual and nuanced reporting from the Middle East. Its seasoned journalists cover daily events in the region, from the streets of Ramallah, Sana’a, Jerusalem, Tripoli and other cities of the Middle East, giving voice to all narratives. TML is a content provider for scores of both government agencies and important media outlets around the world, while remaining beholden to neither. It is a truly independent news agency. The Media Line is committed to bringing news to the world that is trusted and relied upon, enabling the public to engage in fact-based conversations which drives change…for the good. In addition to its own reporting which reaches millions of news consumers daily, The Media Line’s ground-breaking initiatives include The Mideast Press Club; Women in Mideast Media, an empowerment program; and a journalism internship program. TML promotes accuracy and fairness among other regional journalists by designing and implementing ongoing educational, training and dialogue-building projects.

Our Website

The Media Line’s state-of-the-art multi-media news site brings “Worthy Mideast News” to both media and public alike, bringing color to words.

TML was first in the region to create a Mideast Blog Registry and today, in its tradition of classical journalism, is encouraging young journalists and bloggers in the region to provide their insights of the region.

TML’s “Mideast Streets” brings you business and technology stories from the region, along with a special section devoted to women, human rights and lifestyle.

Mideast Café highlights the flavors of the Middle East, while a shopping section offers direct access to Middle Eastern culture.

Table Talk brings you the newsmakers in conversation and invites you in for comments and thoughts.

We take pride in our passion to bring you news you can trust.

Felice Friedson

President and CEO
The Media Line