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Dr. Anne Speckhard, the Woman Who Faces Down Terrorists

Expert: “We break that brand that’s selling them terrorism”

By Felice Friedson / The Media Line

Whether the Islamic State has been “defeated” continues to be the topic of political debate the world over. But there also remain other crucial issues that continue to resonate as the result of the group’s reign of terror, from an ISIS that is rebuilding to the lives of thousands from numerous nations – including wives and children – who signed on to terrorist infamy.

Dr. Anne Speckhard is director of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, and an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown School of Medicine. Dr. Speckhard directs the Breaking the ISIS Brand Counter-Narratives Project. She the author of seven books, including The Bride of ISIS and Talking to Terrorists.

Dr. Speckhard has spoken with more than 700 terrorists to learn what drives their heinous acts and what counterforces could derail a path to terror.

She speaks with The Media Line’s Felice Friedson.

A full transcript of the interview is available here [1].