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Likud Parliamentarian Weighs in on Elections (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

As the clocks tick down the final hours before voting begins, the unchanging polls seem to solidify conventional wisdoms concerning the outcome of Israel’s general election. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is running virtually even with the new Blue and White list, but the premier is still expected to retain the portfolio by virtue of his party’s ability to form a coalition of more than 60 seats in parliament while the newcomer union presumably cannot.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu has surprised many by calling up the image of his most controversial moment of the last election. In 2015, he was strongly condemned for urging voters to turn out on election day because “Arab voters are moving in droves [to the polls].”

Ironically, those traditional parties in opposition seeking to tap into the space the new Blue and White party is filling at their expense are suggesting that when the dust settles, BW head Benny Gantz will end up sitting in Netanyahu’s cabinet – a scenario denied by all of the players and believed by a majority of Israelis.

The Media Line discussed the political landscape and much more with Likud lawmaker Sharren Haskel.

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