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“The Media Line is a precious asset in Mideast journalism. It covers all sides of most issues, using language that is unemotional and crystal clear. It sets a standard of fair and objective reporting that all other media outlets in the region ought to emulate. The Media Line is unafraid, dedicated to truth, persuaded that people deserve the truth — it’s there to do a complicated job, and it does it very well.”
Marvin Kalb
Harvard professor emeritus, former network diplomatic correspondent and senior adviser to Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The Media Line, the American news agency covering the Middle East, is proud to present our dynamic new online experience in journalism.

As one of the first contextual American news sources established 20 years ago, we opened the gateway to coverage of the region through our team of seasoned journalists. We were the region’s first multi-media site and the first to create a Mideast blog registry.

Once again, The Media Line is proud of leading and has created a personalized experience in news coverage for you, our loyal readers.

We believe journalism is vital and must be held to its original purpose. So we have separated our news wells and our important voices from the streets.

We present Mideast Streets, a shout-out from the streets of the region in multi-media format from photos to videos, events to happenings, protests to innovations and a cross section of the region’s most cogent blogs.

We invite you to become part of the conversation.

Our acclaimed Mideast Daily News, created by Michael Friedson, will remain a free service of The Media Line and will continue to be the “go-to” place for terse, truthful and timely reporting.

Our exciting reworked Mideast Mindset section brings you the news from the Arab and Israeli media in their own words and thoughts.

The Media Line was created to bring critical, contextual news stories—always sourced to reach the highest standards of journalism.

The Media Line is independent and non-profit -- not affiliated with any government, NGO or political position.

We look forward to bringing you many new, cutting edge and engaging features.


Felice Friedson
Founding President

The Media Line’s state-of-the-art multi-media news site brings “Trusted Mideast News” to both media and public alike, bringing color to words.
News Briefs presented in context
By Region
Experience the Middle East, country by country
Life Lines
Middle Eastern culture springs to life in this informative section
People & Pods
Interview’s with the Middle East’s mover’s and newsmakers.
Mideast Mindset
The pulse of the Middle East told in the word’s of it’s people
Mideast Streets
An exciting new dynamic platform of voices participating from the region

The Media Line building upon its original Mideast Blog Registry creates a marketplace of ideas and thoughts.

“We take pride in our passion to bring you news you can trust.”
Felice Friedson
President and CEO, Executive Producer
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